I covered the Sydney and Athens Olympics as a correspondent for Reuters. This time, I’m an interested spectator as the Games are just a few miles from where I live and work.

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  1. First off, a late hats off to London for a masterful job of hosting these things. But its around this point in any Olympics that the grumpy old man in me surfaces. Can we please cut out like 75% of the events. I come from a family of rowers, but do we really need every known computation and permutation of man powered boating — men paddling kyaks with a single ended oar, men paddling kayaks with a doulbe ended oar, men sitting, men kneeling, two men sitting, two men kneeling. Its like fourth grade track and field day where everybody gets to go home with a ribbon and a juice box. If I weren’t so lazy, I’d train for one of those events just for the free ticket to Rio.

  2. On behalf of the people of London, I gratefully acknowledge the doffing of your baseball cap. I also agree that a bit of Olympic grumpiness can creep in at this point. We’ve survived the early stages and the tough middle of the course; it’s only natural that our blood sugar levels decline before we rally for the finish line.
    I hear you on the endless variations of paddling a boat. You could say the same about the horsey stuff. We’ve already had team show-jumping and today we have…individual show-jumping. Which seems suspiciously like the same thing, just with the points counted differently. After all, the riders don’t jump all at once as a team — which might actually be a lot more interesting to watch.
    There’s been a lot of talk for years about the need to cut down on events. But it’s fraught with politics. None of the sports federations wants to see its number of medals cut.
    But I can confirm that the Rio organising committee are actively considering the idea of letting every competitor onto the podium so they can all receive an Olympic juice box.

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